Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Party Games

Personalized Keepsake ScrollsWhen it comes to birthday parties, we go all out. For my children's parties, I usually have some sort of craft or activity planned that is age appropriate for most of the guests. For instance, my daughter had a "Blue's Clues" party at age two, and I provided blue play doh, Blue's pawprints to find, and a Blue's Clues puzzle for kids who wanted to do a puzzle. (We also asked everyone to wear blue!) My son had a pirate birthday party at age 4, and I hid some clues and sent the party guests on a hunt for the "treasure." For my daughter's third birthday, she had a princess party and everyone dressed up (except for the boys!) We had made some wooden princess wands that they painted and decorated with glitter and sequins. The boys made slingshots and we gave them some items to "sling!"
But let's face it: most parents don't have the time to plan elaborate events and want to get the birthday party done quick and easy. That is where birthday party printables come in handy! These printables are games and activities for all ages, even adults. They are perfect for winter time when it might be too cold to go outside to "wear off the sugar." The next time you have a party coming up and not enough time to plan, you might find one of these activities just right for your party!

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