Thursday, July 24, 2014

Everything I Need to Know About Israel and Palestine

...I learned from my dog and cat!

My bedroom was too hot to rest comfortably, so I decided to take a nap downstairs on the sofa. It took only a few minutes to realize it was a big mistake. We have a new dog and a kitten, which came to our house on the same day about two weeks ago. As soon as the kitten got off the bottle and started maturing a bit, he got more aggressive toward the dog. They spend most of their days chasing each other, which is pretty hilarious since we have hardwood floors and they do more running motions than they actually do moving forward.

The dog curled up with me on the couch. He likes to do this and would do it all day long if I slept all day. But the kitten wasn’t in the sleeping mood and he decided to poke the dog. Of course the dog had to retaliate. It wouldn’t be right for a dog to just let a kitten poke him like that and do nothing! Before I knew it, I had kitten claws digging in my legs and dog claws digging in my torso and arms as they fought over the “mountain” that was me.

It was then that I realized it. This is just like Israel and Palestine. Everything I needed to know about Israel and Palestine had just played out on my sofa. One pokes the other. The other retaliates. Sometimes the dog pokes first, sometimes it’s the kitten. But the two don’t really know any different, or what they would do with themselves if they didn’t have this tit for tat kind of behavior. They can both share the sofa with me, or they can do what seems to come natural and “get” each other until Momma puts her foot down. Unfortunately, Israel and Palestine don’t have a Momma. The UN isn’t Momma. The US (while it tries to) isn’t Momma. Sadly, God isn’t Momma. So while I can control the dog and cat and make them behave, nobody can control Israel or Palestine (or Hamas). So the poking continues, and unfortunately, people die.

You might be wondering, who is Israel and who is Palestine? Well, that answer is just as convoluted as the real dilemma. You might say the dog is Israel because he is bigger and can really hurt the kitten. You might also say the kitten is Israel because he can do more damage to the dog by scratching his eyes out. You might even say that the kitten is Palestine because everyone knows cats can’t be trusted and neither can “those Muslims.” (Not my belief). Who plays which role is irrelevant, really, and each of us has our own ideas about that.

All I’ve got to say is that in the end, *I* found peace. I just wish they could as well.

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