Thursday, July 10, 2014

THIS is Why I Don't Trust My Children's Care to Others

Recently at our local park, I witnessed a group of day camp kids getting ready to go to the pool. There were about ten kids of varying ages, and a camp leader who was slathering sunscreen on kids.

It was not quite summer yet, and it was a cool spring day. It was about 72 degrees and overcast. I mean, it was so cloudy that there was no hope of the sun appearing anytime soon.

So what really concerned me is the thick cloud of sunscreen that lingered while the children sprayed each other down from head to toe, front to back. I wondered how long they would even be IN the pool with it being that cool out, and with the sun nowhere in sight, was the sunscreen even necessary?

I'm not an advocate of sunscreen, anyway, so if you are one of those overbearing parents that likes to lotion up other people's kids, we will have a problem. But this spray, and this cloud the children were breathing in, is not healthy. If you are going to use it, at least use it on a sunny day when the kids will be in the pool for a while!

Consumer Reports warning on spray-on sunscreens

I wonder if my kids would be forced to use this sunscreen or prohibited from participating? I wonder if these children's parents know that this is happening...

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