Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Problem with Wells Fargo

I bought a house in April and as soon as I saw how much I was going to be paying in PMI, I decided I would NEVER make my payment on the know, how I'd done it whole adult life. I figured if "they" were going to charge me so much for absolutely nothing that would benefit me, then I would hold onto my money until the very last second. My first month or so was a transition to Wells Fargo from the original lender, so I had a month of peace. Once they got everything settled, they started calling when they didn't get their payment on the first of the month. I paid attention this month, and they started calling -NO JOKE- on August 8th. I answered the phone finally, not realizing who had been calling repeatedly. At first I almost threw up, because when he was "attempting to collect a debt" I thought, "OMG it's September already and I didn't pay the mortgage in August!" I even asked him, "It's still August, right?"

When I realized *I* was not the crazy one, I informed him, "I told the last people that called that you guys don't need to call me. I'm ALWAYS going to pay by the 15th and you don't need to call me to find out when."

But that wasn't good enough. Since I didn't make a payment on the phone right then, they kept calling me. Over and over and over again. They are now in my phone as "Wells Fargo Idiots." Seriously. I made the payment on August 14.

So imagine my surprise when I opened up some mail I got from them a few days ago. Check this out.

The date on the letter? AUGUST 8. They sent this letter in regards to August's payment, and it was literally *8* days into the month. This was after the guy recognized I have until the 15th to pay it. And after I told him I was going to keep my money as long as I can, just because I CAN.

What am I missing? Why are they hounding me? Why would they do this to anyone? What a waste of money, time, and resources! All I can say is that if I ever have a choice, I will NOT be doing business with Wells Fargo. Kids, save up your money and pay cash for your first house, because dealing with these nut jobs is just too much!

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Travis Crank said...

Wells Fargo has also facilitated money laundering on behest of international drug kingpins & was involved with the CIA in a crashed plane full of cocaine. They rank right up their with Chase Bank/Chase Auto Finance. The latter of which I have similar tales to tell...

Tom Woods