Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Change of Heart

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! A lot has changed during the past few months. Of course my children seem to have grown much more than they should have. They are constantly eating and I'm starting to worry...LOL.
But something bigger has changed that was pretty unexpected. When I embarked on homeschooling my children four years ago, it was with the notion that God would tell me if they were supposed to be in school. While many parents believe God will tell them if they should homeschool their children, I felt the opposite. I waited for God to tell me if/when they should leave the home, because I believe the best place for children to learn is with a parent. One day not long ago, God told me it was time. I can't even explain this, because I have always been a die hard home educator and advocate for home school. But God spoke, and literally changed my heart overnight.
I still believe that the home is the best school for children, and I've always said that unless a parent is on drugs, sick, or abusive, the children should learn at home. I've provided an excellent foundation for my children and feel strongly that they can learn anything that is put in front of them. But what have I sacrificed in the process? I have been doing this as a single parent for two and a half years, as I've worked on my business from home as well. And honestly, I'm tired. I'm so worn out, and not necessarily physically, but mentally. I am in great physical shape, but mentally... not so much. I am parent, teacher, disciplinarian, nurse, chauffeur, mediator, negotiator, and activity chairman...24 hours a day. God knows what I can handle and he simply said, "Enough."
So next fall, my kids will be entering public school. Of course it's within walking distance from our house, and I'm not planning on shoving them off to have my own life. I will be active in school activities and may even substitute teach a little. But when they come home from school, we will be able to have quality time together without me being frustrated, frazzled, or emotionally and mentally drained. Oddly enough, I feel it will improve our relationships.
If you have made a transition from home school to public school, please offer any advice you have. I'll take it!