Friday, July 6, 2007

It's JUST a Geoboard!

Last week we were at the school supply store and I remembered reading about a geoboard in the next week's lessons when I saw one in the midst of the math supplies. I thought, "It's jut a board with some nails in it!" and put it down. Then I noticed it was ONLY $3.95 or so and figured we might use it at some point, so I added it to my pile. I didn't get the colored rubber bands because we had perfectly good rubber bands at home!

I put it with the school stuff and the next time we did school, brought it out with the lesson materials. Before I even had to say anything, my 6 year old was adding rubberbands and creating a design. Before we finished school he was fighting over it with my 4 year old. They LOVED this thing! He played with it all day, and then, get THIS: he put it under his pillow at bed time! Here is one of the designs that he created. He also took the picture! He made countless designs that day, and I bet if I look, it is still under his pillow. Here is a great resource for geoboard lessons.

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for reminding me of these! I got several of them from a teacher clearing out her classroom and hadn't brought them out yet for my 3 year old but I think he is ready, with some supervision. I had almost forgotten about them. This is another one of those "classic toys" that kids don't ever get tired of!