Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spoiled American Brats

I've got to get on my soap box today. I've watched so many shows on this and I'm tired of it!! Yesterday on Dr. Phil (which I rarely watch these days) there were couples who were "no longer in love" or "really stressed" about losing a job or possibly losing a job. There they sat in their nice clothes, watching their lives on tape...in really nices houses with expensive furniture and "toys" as they complained about not being able to go out to eat anymore. Ahhh...poor babies!
What is WRONG with us? At least two couples in the past couple of weeks claimed to have made over $100,000 a year before losing one of their jobs, and that they had done "everything right". Getting a college degree and working hard at your job is NOT doing "everything right," folks!! Get over yourselves!
I know what it's like to suffer a job loss. I remember going from $90,000 per year to NOTHING in one day. And it was SO liberating, let me tell you! I've got friends now that have been laid off. Do you think their loved ones will let them go homeless? Probably not. But should it come down to it, some things are going to have to go. This is common sense, isn't it?
Americans have become so enchanted with the lives that they think they are entitled to, that we have become blinded by how ridiculous our expectations are. Why should we graduate from college and expect our lives to rise to the level that our parents provided after decades of hard work? So you're making $80,000? How much are you saving for the "unexpected"? Are you buying the biggest house you can, the nicest car you can, and all the toys? Then don't cry to me when you lose that money and can't go out to eat anymore!!
I am a mom of two children making a living off of way less. If I stuck them in school and really worked my business full time I would make much more, I'm sure. But teaching them at home, living in a very small house (with very cheap utilities), and teaching them about conservation and living without materialism has provided us with savings every month. I don't shop at Wal-mart. When we need something, we get the nice stuff that will last. Instead of buying everything they might want, I pay good money for the things we need. That is my participation in this economy. I know that people see where we live and think we are dead broke. They don't get that we CHOOSE to live here because it provides us the time and money to travel, camp, go to the zoo, or just play outside all day if we choose. We are living our lives right now, while Americans are spending every hour of their days trying to make more money so they can retire one day and start living. I hope that more people will figure out what life is all about before they go broke and homeless. Then I won't have to watch the whiners on TV anymore!!


Ali said...

Well said! I totally agree, we are a country of spoiled, whiny, brats. Something has got to change, but I am not too confident... Here's hoping! Thanks for posting this

Jason Fahring said...

Hey, nice blog... right on target. Didn't Dave Ramsey say this? "Live like nobody else so that someday you can live like nobody else!"

Do we need to drive an Escalade to impress the people we don't even know or can we live in humility and drive a "Hooptie Mobile"?


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I hear ya!

Staying at home to educate and raise my children took a good chunk of change out of our income - I was an accountant. The thing is...there are other things out there besides money. I am putting all that effort and energy into my small - but quickly growing - children.

As for saving for a rainy day, I grew up in a family where my dad couldn't stand his job. He hated it, but felt too trapped to change things. I swore that when I had a family it would never be like that. I swore that we would not be over-extended and that my husband would have the luxury of doing a job that he enjoys. I don't ever want my husband to feel trapped.

Thanks for the post. It's like a breath of fresh air when you meet people who won't play the 'rat race' game.

jerry mcdonald said...

There is a great comfort and sense of non-stress in living well within your means and not "reaching for the brass ring". More need to live by common sense and find out that less can truly be more. Simplicity can truly go a long ways.