Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I heart Jamie Oliver. I really do. My kids watched his new show with me last night and we all loved it. My daughter said as she got into bed, "Tomorrow can we cook a healthy meal together?" I hope that you are watching with your kids. Not necessarily because you need to make changes, but so that your kids can appreciate the healthy food they receive at home. (And if you DO need to make some changes, that won't hurt anything either...:)

Jamie mentioned a petition that he wanted Americans to sign so he could take it to Washington to show them that parents want change in our schools. Here is the link so you can sign it! Even if my kids hadn't just started school last week, I would sign this petition for the children at school. I wonder how bad our health care system would be if we didn't have the obesity epidemic...hmmmm

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