Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Buy Play Food...

when you can buy Play Doh? After being home for a few days during Christmas vacation, my daughter got into her play kitchen again. She was really wanting to "make" food and she didn't have all the food she wanted to serve. Like eggs. Or certain veggies. So on Christmas Eve I decided to stop by the local "crap" store to see if they had anything that would work. (I call it that because everything you buy there will break eventually. Like a little Walmart :) They had a cheap basket of really sad looking plastic food that didn't fit the bill. And then I got an ingenius idea...PLAY DOH! Heck, with Play Doh you can make anything you want, again and again. And Christmas day, that's exactly what she did. Below you can see my egg, sausage and hashbrown breakfast; pizza, asparagus (and some "others"); and of course Lucky Charms. She had a great time in her kitchen seeing what she could come up with. The funny thing is, my mom has pictures of my sister and I when we were little, and my dad and mom eating our Play Doh concoctions. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner!

P.S. Check manufacturing location on your Play Doh labels if you don't want to buy products from China. Make your own if you know how...this is something I've not done well with!


Christy said...

Have you tried making your own playdough? It's very easy, smells better, and you can color it however you want or not. It's also relaxing to knead the warm dough after you make it.
I've stumbled across your websites and have a lot going on. :)
We're Christian homeschoolers also. And I'm trying the blogging thing.

Evie said...

I need to, Christy! Do you have any good recipes to share? My daughter would love it!