Friday, June 22, 2012

Children Leaving the Church

Did you know that attending Sunday School is actually a risk factor for children leaving the church? And did you know that while most parents think their children leave the church in high school or college, they are actually checked out by middle school and only attend because you make them (or that's where their friends are)?

Would it surprise you to know that this information has been out since 2009, and likely very little to nothing has been changed by your pastor or at your church? Church is like a business: if they told you what they were doing wasn't working, you would stop giving them your money. So instead of addressing it, they continue to sell you a bill of goods. They continue to cash their paychecks, while our kids, our future, are left to fend for themselves, with secular educated Sunday School teachers leading them astray.

In Ken Ham's book Already Gone, you can learn more about this.

If you don't know who Ken Ham is, I feel that your child is even at greater risk of abandoning his Christian beliefs. Ken Ham has put back into our faith the importance of believing the one, true story of creation- instead of believing the evolution taught in schools, and yes, even in Sunday Schools. If you don't understand WHY the importance of teaching creation is so vital to understanding the rest of the Bible, you don't know Ken Ham. It is clearly his passion, and your child's faith (and consequently your grandchildren's faith) are obviously very important to him.

How important is it to you?

Does your child attend public school? (Or even Christian school?)
Does your child attend Sunday School? Do you know what he is learning in there, and what he is being told about the creation story?
Do you know the biblical story of creation? Do you teach it to your child?
Are you weak in apologetics? Is your child?

If your child does not have the correct information (from YOU) about the biblical story of creation, he will believe whatever else he is taught, that goes in direct opposition to what the Bible says is true. How can he believe the rest of the Bible, then?

Get educated. Get the book. Already Gone.

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