Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amazon Kindle Increases Reading for Kids

I put off for a long time getting into the electronic readers, or "gamepads," as I call them. They were just another ploy to get consumers to purchase another piece of electronics. That may be so, but I read somewhere that an electronic reader actually increases a child's daily reading time. That is one of many reasons that I finally purchased the Kindle Fire for my family, and that statement definitely played out immediately. Of course, they were into the games, but even better, we could search for a book, download it (sometimes even for free!) and read it immediately. If we brought the Kindle along on a trip "for the games," it also included the book my son was currently reading, and he didn't have to have the forethought to lug the actual book with him. So the literature is almost always with us.

Another thing I like about the Kindle is that it can be read in a dark car. It can also be read at night, and since my son doesn't have a lamp to read by, he would always have to get up and turn off the light when he was done reading. Now, if he falls asleep reading, his light isn't on all night.

I'm already planning for school next year, and I see that at least one book is available on the Kindle. I wonder how many trees we are going to save...

If you think a gadget will encourage your child's learning, go for it. In addition to your child's increased reading, you might discover it saves you money on textbooks in the future.

Also, we did purchase "Amazon Prime" and it has been worth the money already. We get lots of free movies and books. Definitely think about that as well!

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