Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick in the City...Country...Wherever!

I've been on facebook a lot lately, and it seems like people everywhere have something right now, or their kids do. It all hit at the same time, right around the middle of January. Sure, it's cold and flu season, but it almost feels like these things are going through the internet! I was super healthy, working out everyday, when it hit me. First I woke up with some really bad gunk. I still blame this on cleaning the bathroom with a chlorox product, which I usually run from. A few days later, I lost my voice. Within a week, I was 100% better, and the next day, I woke up with something else! So for the past two weeks I have been coughing, blowing, and sniffing. I have never in my life encountered so much gunk! Seriously! I woke up Monday with such a bad headache, I knew that the gunks had over populated every possible cavity in my skull. I would blow my nose every two minutes and there was just more again ready to come out right after. My hearing was bad...it was time to go to the doc. So I went, and got a z-pak and some sort of decongestant that didn't seem to work at first. But tonight, after a little more than 24 hours, I can finally taste my food again! My nose is drying up, my cough is calmed down, and I think I just might live! Chances are, you or a child is sick right now. I feel for ya! Sometimes they just sneak in there. If you aren't, keep eating your veggies, wash your hands a lot, and stay awa y from the sick folk! My kids stay healthy by taking their vitamins. Also, try and get more sunshine this winter. Dr. Mercola blames cold and flu season on lack of vitamin D. I believe him! I tan once a week during winter, and when I didn't for a couple of weeks...I got sick! Coincidence? Perhaps...

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