Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I LOVE Watching Sports

Tonight I just saw one of the best basketball games I've seen in a LONG time. Before Christmas I saw a great high school game where our team all came together and made magic on the court. It was so much fun to watch. But tonight's game was University of Oklahoma and Texas. I only watched from half time, just in time to see Blake Griffin, star sophomore forward, suffer a concussion after taking a blow to the nose. (I kept rewinding it but could not figure out how this happened. I don't know how the ref's see all the little things that they do. It all happens so fast!) You could feel the "uh oh!" in the air. Now we all know that one player does not make a team. And the Sooners demonstrated that tonight! Willie Warren (freshman guard) went on, I believe it was, a 14 point streak shortly thereafter, and I can't tell you how many 3-pointers he made. A LOT. One great 3-point shot went in OFF THE BACKBOARD! His last 3-pointer was followed by what looked like an ankle injury but turned out to be a bad cramp.
Texas had their own heroes, and ended up winning by just a few points. I figured out tonight why I love watching sports so much. I spent most of the day in bed (okay, all of it) because I've been fighting this darn sinus infection and, well, because I could! I started feeling better around 7 pm, but by the time the game ended at 10 pm, the energy from the game came right out of the television and into my body. Even though my team didn't win, I saw some great basketball. It reminded me of the great plays I made as a kid on the field, as well as the great swims that nobody thought I would do. Seeing the talent on the basketball court, I know these guys have such great memories from little league all the way through high school and college. Sure, sometimes we mess up. But those great plays and moves always stick in the brain longer. They make us realize that when we work hard enough for something, we can do great things.
I also like watching little league games. I've seen a number of kids make awesome plays and it feels so good to know that when they are attempting something difficult in their lives, they will probably remember that play, and realize they CAN do it. My daughter is learning, at the tender age of 6, what hard work can accomplish. She started taking gymnastics at the Y this month, and while she only has class one day each week, she has practiced just about every day at home. The progress she has made is absolutely amazing. She has always loved tumbling and swinging. She had a natural ability to walk on the beam, even as a toddler. But she is now learning what her body is capable of and how she can teach it to do a handstand, cartwheel, or back walkover, and how much easier it gets each time she starts a new practice session. She is learning SO MUCH through this, all on her own! (And I can't wait to show her the DVR'd "Tyson American Cup" where 13 year old Jordyn Wieber won the competition).
So when I watch sports and see improvement or just some awesome plays, I know that people out there are putting their all into something, and you know, I guess it just makes you realize that there are still good things happening in the world. And no matter what the decade, every generation has that in common!

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