Monday, August 8, 2011

Single Parent Homeschooling

I came across an excellent article about single parent homeschooling. Please read it here and then come back and comment!

As I read the article, I felt the author was speaking right at me. I realized there were others out there in the same boat and it made me feel like I wasn't alone in this. I also identified with feeling all alone, and feeling like I was "out" because my ex-husband and I divorced. I was even told by a fellow homeschooler to prepare to be turned away from some homeschooling co-ops because of my single or "divorced" status. I know she was only trying to be helpful, but it may have closed doors that I never tried to open.

I work from home, and currently receive no child support. That is a long story all in itself, and I can tell you that it makes for LONG days when you are working, teaching, doing household chores, driving kids to activities, all the while concerned that you might not be able to pay your bills that month. As a Christian I have learned over and over again that He WILL take care of our needs, but in the flesh, I worry, as well as have to deal with anger over a father who neglects to help me take care of OUR children.

I also fight jealousy over friends on facebook sharing about their vacations and all the fun things they get to do. I have tried to get my kids to the beach every summer, but have only made it once so far and that was because we were receiving child support. If I am not working, I am thinking about new ways to make money, or better ways to advertise my products or websites. I am constantly "on" and this does not result in anything positive (just ask my kids!) This is 100% because of my kids' father. I currently do not have health insurance. My kids are on the state insurance program, but I make too much to qualify for myself. I cannot put away for retirement because every penny I make goes into our bills. Sometimes I wonder how long this can go on, but all I can do right now is keep on.

Over everything, I know that homeschooling my kids is 100% the right choice for our family. If I do this right, they will turn out to be wonderful people who will take care of me in my old age and that retirement I can't save for will not be missed at all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Evie! Thank you for the link to that article!

Panda said...


I can so relate to your comments on the article. I too have felt like an outsider at some homeschool events, and even church related activities because of my divorced status. I persevere to continue to homeschool my children in the midst of opinions that I should get a "real" job and send my kids to public school. My children are already missing one parent, why would I want to further dilute my children's access to their only remaining parent by being gone from 7 am to 5 pm (figuring in commute time in rush hour traffic and the hour lunch they often make you take.) That leaves very little time together to enjoy each other and really get to know your child. I don't care that those who try to justify their choices by saying "it's not the quantity, but the quality that counts." Frankly, I don't think that we would have much of either if I had a "regular" job.

I know that God has birthed this desire in me to homeschool, and He has shown Himself to be Jehovah-Ishi, the Lord my Husband who cares for our needs. Yes, it can be scary to step out in faith to do something radical like homeschool as a single parent. I, too, have no retirement, but I'm believing that God will provide then like He does now.


ociana said...

Great, indepth article. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.