Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teaching Monetary Responsibility at Home

Have you heard of FamZoo.com ? It is a great program set up to help kids "earn" money from you, and spend it, save it, or give it. It is an online account that you can set up in a way that meets your family's needs. Each child has his or her own account, sort of like online banking. They can see how much they have, have saved, or jobs they can do to earn more money. I have had this idea in my head for a long time, and even set up an Excel spreadsheet years ago that was such a pain I didn't keep up with it. But this program is awesome. Now that my kids are older, they can log in and keep ME accountable as I teach them about earning, spending, and saving...all in the safety of our home before they venture out into the real world with real money and real debt. If only FamZoo could create a program for the government...
Teach your kids good money habits with FamZoo's Virtual Family Bank.

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