Sunday, October 23, 2011

Women's Right to Vote

Whether you are teaching your kids at home or not, this is something about which you need to educate your daughters (and sons for that matter). According to this chart, only a little over half of the citizens of voting age in the United States actually votes in presidential elections. Other sites may show statistical differences, but the fact remains that the United States has one of the worst voter turn outs when compared to the rest of the world. This is disgraceful! I admit that it has been difficult for me to vote for the common "lesser of two evils" that we all talk about every four years, but I have voted nonetheless. In 2012, however, I have a reason for really caring about what will happen, because this time we have a real chance at getting a man into office who will not just go along with the status quo. Please visit his site to learn more about him! Your children's future depends on this vote, and he is the real candidate to provide them a future of promise!
If your children aren't aware of the privilege it is to vote in our country, I suggest you share this page with them. This is something kids are not really taught at school unless they have a teacher who sees the need. And I personally don't think we should just hope that they are learning these things...we should make sure of it!


Anonymous said...

What does it matter if we can vote if all the people we can vote for believe the same basic ideas (we have to continue the process of globalisation, economic liberalism, finance capital and consumerism are all good things etc) and only disagree on minor issues?

I've voted every election but I always felt bad afterward because I was forced to vote for people I disagreed with on almost every issue.

That is the real source of apathy imo. Voting feels like lying and giving approval to people you don't approve of.

Evie said...

Sophia, I totally get what you're saying. Part of our problem, that I'm especially seeing now as it's happening, is that people don't start paying attention until a couple of months before a presidential election, and by that time, the candidates have already been chosen for us by the media. I became aware of an alternative option in 2008 with Ron Paul. And in 2012, MANY more people will have been awakened as well. It is happening now. People who don't normally vote are going to vote for him. Democrats are changing parties to vote for him. Independents are voting for him. People who have never donated to a candidate, and people who have never gotten involved in a campaign whatsoever are campaigning for him. I have just finished his book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. Checked it out from the library, along with Libery Defined. I have found my candidate, and I will not have to vote the "lessor of two evils" this election. People who want real change will take a serious look at Ron Paul and not just let the media chose our candidate. Once we all wake up, going to the polls will be a pleasure!