Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Excellent History Curriculum for Christian Families

After trying to teach history to my children using a secular history book, I am SO happy that I have finally found a curriculum for history that I love. As a mom with a teaching degree, I realize the benefit of utilizing different learning modalities for children who learn better in a specific way. The author of this curriculum, Diana Waring, addresses this in her notes to the parent. Also, many varied activities are suggested for all varieties of children who might have different strengths or areas which they love. There are lots of examples you can look at and more information if you go to HISTORY REVEALED, by Diana Waring.

My favorite thing about this curriculum is that it is history from the creationists' perspective. If you believe the earth is billions of years old, this is not the curriculum for you. That said, I suggest you read The Lie by Ken Ham.

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