Monday, May 10, 2010

Public School

It's been about seven weeks since I enrolled the kids in school, and I wanted to stop in and share how they are doing. My daughter, the one who didn't really want to go to school is doing fine. She is learning things I'd rather she didn't, but there is nothing major that she wouldn't pick up on the playground around here. My son, on the other hand, the one really excited about starting school, has totally become a different child...for the good! He seems happier, more relaxed, and much more talkative. His sense of humor has really come out and he even likes it when you laugh at him now!
I'm not sure why he has flourished away from home. I do know that his sister was driving him crazy here at home and I can't say that I blame him. She can be a bit much for me sometimes, but I am an adult and know how to handle it. He has not figured it out yet, but one day I'm sure he will. I have also noticed that there are more times than before that they will "love" one another. I think they secretly miss each other even though their classrooms are right next to each other. They still push each other's buttons just for kicks, but it is different now.
I am also much happier and more relaxed. There are little things that bug me like the crappy lunches and the recess teacher not letting my daughter go to the bathroom when she needs to, but they both love their teachers and they are great women who seem to love what they do. I can't ask for much more!