Friday, February 11, 2011

A Great Reason to Homeschool

After missing the first 3-4 years of schooling with peers, my kids are now in public school where they are catching up on all the illnesses they missed out on from K-2/3. Oh the horrors! My son has thrown up more in the last month than his entire life. I've lost count of the fevers, and the missed school days. This is crazy! My son stayed home today with a 102 fever and massive headache. His sister just recovered from the same this week. I found out that kids in my son's class have been diagnosed with influenza b virus, so I'm sure that's what he's got. It's like these kids are licking each other at school!

It doesn't help that I've neglected our diets and haven't been consistent with our Vitamin D supplementation, which has saved us until now. I've got to start feeding them better. But at the end of a long day, I'm exhausted and don't feed them as well as I should. I wish we could homeschool now so we don't have to deal with these illnesses. Funny thing is, I'm more concerned about them missing their gymnastics/dance class or basketball games than I am them missing school. School work can be made up, but the other stuff really can't. It's frustrating. But another motivating factor in bringing my kids back home.