Sunday, September 28, 2008

Economic Lessons

With everything going on in our economy right now and everything you are hearing on the news and in political debates, maybe you are lost. I would be, too, if I hadn't just read a very interesting book that helped me understand a little better. Coincidentally, I read this book before things got really bad, since my son was learning "Economics" on a second grade level last year. If you want to understand our economy better, or want a good way to explain it to your kids, get this book:

Back to School

Of course, we've been back to school for a little while, but it occurred to me that I haven't shared much school stuff lately. Over the summer, we learned about rainforests. I had a teacher's activity book on rainforests, and with my knowledge of lapbooking, we made our own version of a lapbook, which I think turned out pretty good. Here is one of them:
Now, if you wanted to do a lapbook without doing your own planning, you can purchase a kit from Hands of a Child. I recently became a "Super Member" and also saw that the Unit Extenders are available for their rainforest lapbook for free when you become a Super Member. There are lots of other free items and resources, and for what you pay to become a Super Member, it is TOTALLY worth it! Super Members get a free lapbook to download each month, as well as a 15% discount for the life of the membership. (And of course the freebies that you also have access to during the life of your membership).

I mentioned before that we chose Jeannie Fulbright's "Exploring Creation with Astronomy" for science this year, and it is working really well. Each day I read from the book, and the kids notebook about what they have just learned. The kids really like this book!

History is also very much enjoyed by all of us. We are using "The Story of the World 1" and have learned about nomads and living on the Nile River. We are currently learning about Egyptians. We learned how to make a "berry picking pouch" which was perfect timing because our neighbor needed someone to pick acorns out of our tree for a craft project! The kids learned a little about sewing during this activity. We did not use a machine! Here is one of our pouches:
We already had the fabric on hand, and we used shoestrings purchased for around $1.50 a pair. The shoestrings were nice because the ends made it easier to work with. My kids are 7 (boy) and almost 6 (girl) and they both enjoyed this. My son even made a cape last night out of the same fabric!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What will your child be for Halloween?

As of right now, I will have a Darth Vader and Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween this year. If I get the nerve up, I will be the wolf in grandma's clothing as my daughter's "accessory." Of course, we'll take pics and share! If you are hurtin' for ideas, click on either link below to browse!
(When you buy through these links, you help save our theatre! Thanks for looking!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Personalized Felt Dolls Sale During September

I can't believe I haven't mentioned these here yet! I absolutely LOVE the personalized "photo" felt dolls from Story Time Felts. What you do is select your child's best photo, send it in after you order your doll, and a few weeks later, your daughter has a felt "paper" doll that looks just like her to play with. Appropriately named "Just Like Me" dolls are the hit of every birthday party and a favorite gift under the tree at Christmas. This year they are on sale in September to allow people to get them in plenty of time for Christmas. There are a variety of clothing options you will choose from, or you can get them all and give the additional sets later on.

Felt toys are wonderful, quiet educational toys that keep children occupied in the car, in church, in the doctor's office, etc. The learning possibilities are endless! With a doll that looks just like her (or him!) your child will always have a little buddy to tag along for the outing. And if you plan ahead, I'd get one for you, too!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Got a Bike!!

Okay, I got it a few weeks ago, but I held off mentioning it because I wanted to take a picture of it. I really wanted one of my kids to take a picture of me on it to prove I can still RIDE a bike, but we've been busy. :o) It was "one of those things." I'd been wanting a bike, and told myself that I would get one for Christmas. I was driving along when I saw a yard sale up ahead. They had a LOT of stuff. Most importantly, they had a practically new bike for $50! It had been ridden 4 times and sat for the rest of the year. I hopped on it and tried it out. Except for the squeaky brake, it rode perfectly! (Oh, and I figured out later that I will need a new seat. Whoever designed the current one must have never tried it out. Ouch!)
So life has been very different "post bike." We have ridden all over town. We run errands on the bikes. We go shopping on the bikes. It has been so much fun! I can't tell you how much gas we have saved! I'm so happy! My kids are 7 and 5.5 and love riding with me. They hate wearing their helmets, but they will get over it. I am teaching them to "ride with traffic" and I wonder what the motorists are thinking when they come upon us. Either, "get outta the way, crazy people!" or "I should be riding a bike, too!" The speed limit on main street is 20 mph so it's not like we're keeping them from getting anywhere. We live in the perfect town for biking, except for the elderly people who can't see where they're going, and the 14 year olds with permits. But that's why they make helmets, isn't it?!