Monday, September 1, 2008

I Got a Bike!!

Okay, I got it a few weeks ago, but I held off mentioning it because I wanted to take a picture of it. I really wanted one of my kids to take a picture of me on it to prove I can still RIDE a bike, but we've been busy. :o) It was "one of those things." I'd been wanting a bike, and told myself that I would get one for Christmas. I was driving along when I saw a yard sale up ahead. They had a LOT of stuff. Most importantly, they had a practically new bike for $50! It had been ridden 4 times and sat for the rest of the year. I hopped on it and tried it out. Except for the squeaky brake, it rode perfectly! (Oh, and I figured out later that I will need a new seat. Whoever designed the current one must have never tried it out. Ouch!)
So life has been very different "post bike." We have ridden all over town. We run errands on the bikes. We go shopping on the bikes. It has been so much fun! I can't tell you how much gas we have saved! I'm so happy! My kids are 7 and 5.5 and love riding with me. They hate wearing their helmets, but they will get over it. I am teaching them to "ride with traffic" and I wonder what the motorists are thinking when they come upon us. Either, "get outta the way, crazy people!" or "I should be riding a bike, too!" The speed limit on main street is 20 mph so it's not like we're keeping them from getting anywhere. We live in the perfect town for biking, except for the elderly people who can't see where they're going, and the 14 year olds with permits. But that's why they make helmets, isn't it?!


Anonymous said...

Oh, good for you! We have recently bought a dog carrier for my bike, for our little dog (he can't keep up with us for long!) But I do feel ridiculus riding along with him poking his head out of the carrier on the back!!!

Evie said...

How funny! I've thought about doing that with my dog. I bet it is so cute! I need something to hold groceries and stuff. We went to the store yesterday on our way home from the park and we almost bought too much for us to carry safely. Good thing everything is close!