Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day

A couple of weeks ago, my 5 year-old daughter asked me, "What is happy Valentine's Day again?" To which I replied...
"It's a day that someone invented a long time ago so that people would go out and spend money on things just to tell their loved ones that they love them."

Somehow, that explanation made her remember all the candy and little goodies she got from family in the mail last year. Unfortunately, it's possible that while the kids remember this stuff, the adults may not remember this year, and send nothing in the mail. What a huge disappointment this will be for them! As much as I despise the trinkets and things, I don't like the sad faces because they literally think, "maybe they don't love me anymore?" Uggghhhh.

So anyway, this weekend we've been working on making Valentine's cards. My sister, who would never forget Valentine's Day, already sent them gifts, which came in the mail Friday. They each got a dress-up outfit for their BuildABear animals, a BAB "pawsport", and a couple of other little things. So my creative daughter decided that we should take pictures of their animals in their new costumes and use them for part of my sister's Valentine cards. She even went so far as to suggest we should take a picture of the front and the back, so that she could turn the card over and see the back of the bear as well. How creative! Our project got stalled when I tried to print the pictures out for them and realized we were out of color in the printer. Ooops! Anyway, here they are. Hopefully we will have pics of the cards in a couple of days before we send them off!


Jennifer said...

What a clever idea! You have some creative children. I hope you won't mind if I share a link to your post in an article I am getting ready to post at Two Moms in a blog ( about original, handmade valentines.

Evie said...

Hi Jennifer! Feel free to share!