Friday, December 12, 2008

We've Been Invaded!!

There comes a time in every homeschooling mom's life, when she realizes that her children are simply not doing what they have been told to do. The other day I was in my bedroom, when I knew that the kids were not sitting at the table doing school work, but doing something in the living room. On my way to the office, I poked my head through the doorway to redirect them, when I got the laugh of my week. Staring back at me were two little aliens, ready to attack their mom (I'm sure of it!) They probably didn't realize just how hilarious they looked, so I took a picture. Then it occurred to me that my son let his little sister wear his coveted Darth Vader costume. So I quickly became grateful for the sharing attitude and didn't mention the neglected school work. It got done later!

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