Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Excellent Creation Curriculum for Kids

Recently I stopped by Answers in Genesis on a quest for a curriculum for my kids. I own numerous tools already purchased from AiG, so I already knew I liked their stuff. But when my daughter informed me that, "We don't really learn about God in church," I knew exactly where to find information that I trusted to be accurate.
You might be wondering why we are attending a church where the kids aren't learning anything. To be honest with you, I am suspicious of all church programs because even when they ARE learning "about God" what are they learning about Him? Most church teachers are as confused and misled as the unchurched are about creation, which leads to numerous errors in teaching, so really, what's the point? I do like that their teachers care about kids, enjoy the kids, and provide them with good life lessons (based on the Bible, at least), but it is my job to correctly teach them what Creationsists believe and have discovered about the beginning of life.
What I discovered at AiG was a wonderful Bible curriculum that can be used at home or at church for ages 7-11. Perfect! It arrived last week and I've been reading through it. I am SO excited about starting our lessons next week. The book contains 30 lessons for the teacher, student handouts, a music CD, and a teacher resource DVD-ROM with illustrations and printable worksheets. You can also order separately additional student handouts if you are teaching more than one child. You can learn more by visiting Answers in Genesis. I highly recommend this curriculum if you are interested in creation-based Bible lessons. If you have no clue what "creation-based" means, I highly recommend it for you as well. The best way to think of it is this: If, when you are reading with your child information that includes "millions of years ago," you don't stop and remind her that the earth is not that old, you have been taught to believe contrary to what the Bible says. Learn the truth according to the Bible, and pass that truth onto your children!

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