Friday, January 17, 2014

What to Do When You Accidentally Delete Photos From Your Camera

At 1:21 am, my eleven year-old daughter woke me up, in tears.

"Mommy, I accidentally deleted ALL the photos off my camera!"

I'm not sure what she thought I could do. But wait...WHY is she still up?

Earlier in the evening, she had shown me the images for her Barbie stop motion video. She had spent about ten hours on it, which if you know anything about stop motion, relates to about a 30 second video. Watching the pictures quickly go from one to the next, I could tell that the video is going to be hilarious. No, seriously, I laughed so hard, it took me a minute to catch my breath. So THIS is what she had been doing when she was supposed to be doing her school work!

But now they were all gone. Hours of work were wasted.

"Maybe God made me do this because He knew I could do a better one," she said, trying to look on the bright side.

Maybe He was punishing you for not doing your school work first, I thought.

I was already on the computer, Googling "how to retrieve images deleted from SD card." I knew it was pointless, but I had to look like I was trying to do something to help.

It turns out, it wasn't pointless. Did you know that even though it says they are deleted, they aren't? Just like deleting things from your hard drive, they are still there. You might not be able to find them, but someone could if they wanted to and if they knew how. I downloaded a program called Panda Recovery for- get this- FREE. WORKED! One after another, 532 photos were retrieved and my girl was happy again. So there ya go.

You might think the story is over, but it's not. As I got back into bed with a smile, I decided that while MOST of the time I have to be the "bad guy," it feels good to be the hero. It makes all those other times worth it. Today, I'm back to the bad guy again because someone has to get her school work done...

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