Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What Being a WAHM Means to Me

Recently, being a WAHM (work at home mom) has become even more important to me. Because I also homeschool, my children are with me for most of their days. This can be a pain, but when I see other adults that might have some influence on them, I am glad that I can raise them the way that I think they should be raised and not people who don't share our beliefs!

When I had my children, it was not in the plans for me to have a job. It just sort of happened. I used to go to Bible studies for moms, craft nights, and other fun outings, and now I balance my time between working, house work, kid stuff, school, and oh yeah- bathing regularly!

Basically, being a WAHM means that I can be there for my children no matter what. I can work around their schedule. I can use my business to teach them about computer graphics and web design, marketing skills, accounting, organizing, and other things that interest them. My four year old has already learned that when we buy something online, it does NOT print out on the computer! She loves to help me stuff envelopes and put postage on them. And she loves how we can take pictures of things and then they show up on the computer. One day when it occurs to her that we can make it show up on everyone else's computer when they visit our site, it will totally blow her away!

Most importantly, what being a WAHM means is that I can teach my children that they don't have to depend on someone else to hire them to work a JOB. When you develop the right skills, you can build your own business and work for yourself. It isn't easier than working for someone else. Heck, I remember being able to push papers all day and get paid for it, no matter what got accomplished. I also remember being totally unfulfilled. Having your own business is a LOT of work. But it is worth it to me because of all the benefits that come from it.

Going to a JOB is easy. Sending kids to school all day is easy. But doing it all yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your children. And it's TOTALLY worth it!


Suzanne A. Wells said...

Hi, Evie, getting ready for the blog carnival tomorrow. Love your post! I have quoted you in my post, so be sure to drop by and check it out.

Thanks so much for participating!

Lisa G. said...

Great post Evie! Isn't it great that our kids are learning about how hard work can pay off? Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

I agree, it is TOTALLY worth it. I wouldn't trade anything for being able to see the looks of amazement and wonder on my kids' faces when they learn something new.

judithb said...

I'm just dropping a line. I'm going thru and reading everyone's blogs for the blogger carnival. Isn't it just amazing the feeling u get when ur kids learn something new. Whether it be a new word or action, I just swell with pride! To our ever growing mini geniuses!