Friday, October 26, 2007

Stack and Stick Building Toys

If you haven't seen these building toys before, definitely check them out! We love building toys here and have numerous sets. One thing I never bought for some strange reason was "Lincoln Logs" and I never quite figured out why I didn't make that leap. Now I know! There is a much better product on the market that works in a similar way, but the Stack and Stick pieces actually STAY together.

During the recent controversy of lead in toys made in China, many parents have searched for non-toxic products made right here in the USA. Stack and Stick are made in the USA, and have NO toxic finish. You can learn more about Stack and Stick if you are interested, and learn about the other wooden toys we have at our internet store. Stack and Stick will definitely be under our Christmas tree this year, for both of our children! Hopefully it will be under yours, too!

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