Thursday, January 15, 2009

Greensburg, KS Lookin' Good!

I'd been meaning to make it out to Greensburg for a while, and finally we were able to take a day and go last week. We watched the "Greensburg" documentary on Planet Green last year, so we wanted to see the progress that had been made since the last episode that we saw. I'd never been to Greensburg before, so I couldn't really compare before and after. But I can tell you that I saw a lot of hustle and bustle as construction workers "did their thing." We saw lots of new houses, and of course, the 5-4-7 Arts Center. While the town still has a long way to go, it seems like they continue to move into the future in a positive way, while making sure current residents are able to live, go to church, go to school, work, etc. I was very impressed. Here are some pictures that we took. We got their late in the afternoon, so we didn't get to take as many as I wanted since we were fighting the sunset. It was a beautiful day!

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