Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl is what?

I guess I'll keep on watching basketball, but there's something disappointing about the end of the football season! College football has been over for about a month, and it's been fun watching the NFL playoffs. And I guess basketball started over a month ago. I've been watching basketball and the thing about basketball is that there is ALWAYS a game on! With football, they don't play as often, so I guess it's easier to appreciate Saturdays or Sundays for the games and doing absolutely nothing while you cheer on your favorite teams.
Anyway, it was a great game last night. I wanted the Cardinals to win, but even though it wasn't the outcome I hoped for, I can't complain about the game. It was up, down, right, left! Awesome entertainment and something you could not script if you wanted to. I secretly hope that Kurt Warner decides to play another year and that they make it to the Super Bowl next year. This was a miracle year, but next year, who knows? I've seen them make some amazing plays and darn it, I want to see some more!

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Momtothreebabies said...

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