Thursday, October 22, 2009

When A Child Is Sick

I've just realized another benefit to having my children at home. When they are sick, they are here and can be taken care of right away. Often kids suffer through the day because they don't want to miss anything at school (or because they know Mom or Dad is at work and can't be called anyway). Also, they are able to get back to work faster than if they were in school. Sometimes they might not be well enough to attend school all day, but well enough to get work done if they are at home. My daughter has been sick for almost two weeks now. No, it's not the flu...she has one of the worst urinary tract infections she has ever had. I knew that she was having problems, and then when the fever came I didn't know if it was the flu or the infection. After about a week of being sick, she woke up at 4 am saying she felt like she was going to "puke." We went into the bathroom where I noticed she was shaking...and HOT. Her temp was 104.4 so I took her to the ER. Finally, we found out it WAS a UTI and not the flu, and she was put on antibiotics. She feels good sometimes, and bad other times. I would not send her to school like this, but she can get things done when she's feeling well. Of course, I've given her this time off because she is, after all, a year ahead of where she should be. But is back in session. She is not completely better, but that will come with time. Now...Mommy is not feeling so great and I'm hoping that changes soon, too!

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