Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alpha Omega Homeschooling Products

While we are at home for Christmas break, I've been looking forward to bringing my kids back home by shopping for curricula online. Tonight as I watched the Sooners win the Fiesta Bowl, I spent a couple of hours on the Alpha Omega website checking out their numerous homeschooling curricula options. At first I thought the new Monarch was the cat's meow...until I read some online reviews basically saying that they are still working out kinks. In a year I'm sure it will be the bomb, but for immediate homeschooling needs, Switched on Schoolhouse is an excellent option... if you want to homeschool using the computer, that is. They also have other traditional book options, including a unit based curriculum that many homeschoolers love. At this point I'm more interested in something the kids can do on the computer. Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) is great for that. With SOS you have to download the CDs on your computer, whereas the new Monarch system is all online. (This is a great benefit for people who travel and don't want to carry their laptops everywhere- assuming people HAVE laptops.) Since Alpha Omega is a great company and dedicated to homeschoolers and providing wonderful curricula, I'm sure that Monarch will soon meet the standards their customers expect. But for now, check out their other options as well as Monarch, especially if you have a student in K-2 or even younger. Use this button, and don't forget to check out the link on their home page that takes you to a chart comparing all their curricula. It's very helpful!

Alpha Omega Online Curriculum

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